Honor Our Veterans on Memorial Day
Honor Our Veterans on Memorial Day

Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to supporting military service members as they heal from the effects of battle. Many are faced with severe, life-changing injuries, and even as they return home to their families and friends, the mission to recover has just begun.

WWP provides 19 critical programs and services to assist these brave men and women along this difficult road. The first phase is to help them overcome the physical injuries and mental trauma incurred in battle. But that alone is not the end of the story. As they heal, new challenges arise: finding rewarding work and building a bright future for themselves and their loved ones.

That is why WWP has created a career counseling program called Warriors to Work™.
It helps service members translate their military training into civilian jobs and links them with employers who can put their extensive skills to work.

The wounded veterans who so bravely served our country deserve the opportunity to create a happy and productive civilian life. They need the holistic support and resources that will heal their wounds and help them achieve success in their new careers. WWP is here to assist them in every phase of this process.

Please, help us welcome home the brave.