Freshen Up Your Holiday Table Décor
Freshen Up Your Holiday Table Décor

Setting your table with Christmas-themed décor is a custom that helps create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a holiday meal with family and friends. If you’re looking to change it up this year, try taking a new route and show off a contemporary table setting with natural components and distinct color choices. Here are some inspirational DIY ideas to spark your creativity.

Enhance Your Plate
By adding décor to your dishes, you can create a personalized touch with minimal effort. Top your plates with a group of festive bells and add pine leaves (needles) to the center for shine and elegance. Features from the centerpiece such as Chinaberry or honey bracelet can also be incorporated into the bell decoration.

Introduce New Color Schemes
Choosing your color scheme is an important part of setting the tone for your holiday. Stay away from using too many traditional colors and use gold, silver, navy blue, purple or gray throughout your décor. The rich tones of purple and navy blue are warm and inviting and produce a winter disposition. Gray is a simple, yet excellent color choice that will highlight any natural items you bring to the table.

Spice Up Your Silverware
Make your utensils look delicate and modern by tying a cinnamon stick and rosemary around them using natural jute twine. This adds a sophisticated appearance to your table without going overboard on traditional decorations. If your holiday meal involves buffet-style serving, wrap the twine around a Mason jar, place a few cinnamon sticks in the jar and fill with utensils.

Natural Floral Arrangement
Your centerpiece doesn’t have to be conventional. Create a floral arrangement including fresh red hypericum berry, succulent, bay leaf, Camellia leaf, Chinaberry, raspberry, honey bracelet, green dream dianthus, leptospermum pods, oregonia and/or local star grass in your favorite vase. Each of these natural elements can be used in other ways across the table.